About Our Boating Supply
The Marine Warehouse Advantage
From a grommet to a total refit, get all your boating supply from our shipping hub in Miami. We consolidate shipments saving you more, both in transportation and at the customs desk. We quality control each order to ensure accuracy. You avoid the frustration of opening the box to find the wrong model, the wrong color, one thousand miles away from your supplier. We deal directly with boating manufacturers and distributors and pass those cost savings on to you that gives you the Marine Warehouse Advantage, prices no one can beat! You save 30% to 40% on average. At times much more! What does that mean to you over a year, over two years?

Use us as your personal researcher, purchasing and shipping team for your boating supplies. Our unique rapid distribution system can fly or ship by ocean freight, marine supplies from factory to your dock anywhere in the world. Now! Not next week.

You avoid middlemen and doing the legwork yourself. You save time and money. Order by phone, fax or this web site. Your order is instantly forwarded, electronically, to the source and will be on its way.

The Marine Warehouse Guarantee.

  • We ship faster and cheaper than anyone in the business.
  • We give the widest possible choice of products from hundreds of manufacturers worldwide.
  • We control the quality and accuracy of all orders, assuring that you get exactly what you ordered.
  • We offer 60% discount on FedEx worldwide.

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